Facebook Friendship Warning!

 Making friends online using social media, especially Facebook, must be done with extreme caution! Sure, some genuine friends may be made as a result of social media, but there is also the chance of severe abuse and even abduction from making “friends” with people you don’t know. 

Described here is the devastating story of a 14 year old girl in Indonesia who was kidnapped, raped repeatedly and beaten due to Facebook. Unfortunate stories like this happen more frequently than may be expected. 
The girl, who shall remain anonymous but for the purposes of this article we shall call her “Jenny”, was an avid Facebook user and had added strangers to her friends list many times before without issue. Little did she know, this next stranger she added named Yogi, 24, would turn her life upside down for the worst. 

Their relationship started out innocent enough, Jenny thought. They talked online a bit and even began texting each other. However, Yogi decided he wanted to meet in person one day, so he met Jenny at a location near her house and wooed her into his van for a “joy ride”. This “joy ride” turned into a death wish. 

Yogi proceeded to drug Jenny with sleeping pills while Yogi drove Jenny to a house about an hour away from her home city in Indonesia. Jenny wasn’t alone. The house held five other girls captive as sex slaves. All of the girls were held hostage in one room while they took turns getting raped and beaten. 

After about a week of torture in captivity with these other girls, Yogi decides that he wants to fly Jenny to their human-trafficking headquarters on an island off of Indonesia. However, due to an authority trail and lack of funds, he decides he cannot afford to send Jenny away, and dumps her off at a bus station about 30 minutes outside of her home city, where she found help and a ride home. 

Back home, Jenny’s parents, family and friends have been frantically searching for any sign of their beloved Jenny. When Jenny showed up at her mother’s front door almost a week after her disappearance, her mother could hardly recognize her precious daughter. She was dirty, greasy, bruised, matted, and sad. Despite her horrific appearance and obvious trauma, her and her mother could not stop crying and rejoicing that somehow 
Jenny was able to escape and make it home safely. 

Yogi still remains at large and his whereabouts are unknown. Jenny was expelled from her school for “tarnishing the school’s name”. Lawsuits were handed to the school for unfair treatment, and the school lost. Jenny now attends a different school free from prejudice but she still fears that her abductor could return at any time. 

Moral of the story is, BE SAFE ONLINE. Friendships are important, but they are not worth risking your life over. This is especially important for TEENAGE GIRLS. You are the most vulnerable demographic because you are the most desired by men and other criminals. Protect yourself. Only add “friends” that are actually friends of yours or people you know. Facebook can be a fun and social place, if it is handled responsibly. So, please, be responsible online. NEVER meet up with ANYONE you don’t know, especially older men. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Check it Out Here: Facebook Friendship Warning!

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