How To Make and Sustain Friendships

?Making friends isn’t too hard, but keeping them might be! Use these tips and guidelines to make people like you, to keep your current relationships, and to be better perceived in all social situations!

When handling other people, there are a few important tips to remember.  The way you handle situations with others has a large implication on how they view you as a person, so it is critical you keep this in mind while thinking about how to discuss matters. First all of, be aware of how you are being perceived.  Do not criticize others when having a conversation. This never comes off well. Do not condemn others ideas or ideals. And avoid complaining (whatever it may be about) at all costs.  While involved in conversations with others, give honest and sincere appreciation for the person you are speaking to. It won’t go unnoticed.  

To make people “like” you, take into consideration the following tips:
•    Sincerely, make the other person feel important, in whatever they are doing or talking about
•    Pay attention to other peoples interests and hobbies. You don’t have to do them to, but being interested in them will make you a better friend/listener.
•    Talk about the other persons interests. It makes you look like a great listener, friend, and confidante.
•    Use names. Whether it is in respect to introducing, meeting, or just seeing someone for the first time in a long time, there is no sweeter sound than hearing your own name.
•     SMILE!
Sometimes there are tricky subjects amongst friends. Whether it be religion, politics, or exes… almost anything can be perceived as offensive.  To make people understand your way of thinking without offending them, use the following guidelines.  But remember, the best way to win an argument, is to avoid it all together! First of all, being in a friendly way and always show respect to the person you are speaking with. Never say “Your wrong,” the conversation will immediately be off to the wrong start.  Lastly, If and when you are wrong, quickly admit your mistake and apologize empathetically.

By using these few guidelines, you will be able to sustain the relationships you already have, and make great new friendships as well! Remember, respecting others is the key to all healthy relationships!

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