Join Disney’s Friends for a Change!

Disney’s Friends for a Change is helping people, the community, and the planet! Want to get on board?!  This organization is all about taking steps forward… Together with your friends and family, Disney is encouraging us to make a positive impact on the world.  Are you wondering just what that may entail?  By providing us with information, encouragement, inspiration, and the necessary tools to be a monger of change… Disney wants to make a positive impact on our world!  Banning together can great large impacts with only the smallest of efforts.  

This movement is all about taking action! With different levels of personal commitment, you too can be involved in making our world a better place!  Disney encourages you to make your pledge. Commit to taking positive actions in your everyday life. They divide pledges into numerous different categories which include: Disaster Relief, Plant Action, Climate, Habitat, Waste, and Water efforts.  Disney wants you to take action, see a piece of trash on the floor, pick it up and take it to the trash… it is as easy as that!  This sort of behavior is contagious, all your friends will follow your lead!

Get your friends  and family involved! You can start your own Friends for a Change club! This club can be centered around whatever your interests are. You can even apply for a Friends for Change Grant!  Use the money your given to help out whatever cause you choose!  Volunteering with friends and family is more fun than volunteering alone, and the more the merrier!

Disney wants to know what you and your friends want changed! By visiting their Explore and Vote portal you help decide which charities are projects receive donations! So gather all your friends and research your cause… nothing feels better than making our world a better place, and you have the opportunity, so take it! 

For more information, visit:

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