Pros and Cons of Rooming with Your BFF in College

Going away to college is one of the biggest transitions in a person’s life; it is scary, exciting, uncomfortable, and exhilarating all at the same time. Many people choose to take this adventure with a high school friend to alleviate some of the unknowns and anxiety. This can be a great choice, or a terrible one. 

Before choosing your college roomie, there are a few things you should take into consideration. 

Pros of Rooming with Your Bestie: 

1. Design Your Room Beforehand: Because you likely live close by to your future roomie, you both can get together and design your room beforehand! You can pick your colors, who is bringing what, etc. This is a huge stress reliever, and it’s fun and exciting!

2. Previously Established Common Ground: Having someone who shares your history and knows where you come from can be a huge comfort in the new sea of people that is college. Because you have a roomie who came from the same background as you, you can both relate to the homesickness, your quirky hobbies, and everything in between. 

3. Alleviates Initial “awkwardness”: Entering a random roommate lottery can be scary, considering you will have to live in tight quarters with a complete stranger. Rooming with a close friend rids you of that awkward “getting to know someone” phase, adjusting to a strangers habits, and making compromises that wouldn’t necessarily have to be made had your roommate been an old friend. 

4. Similar Lifestyles: Having a previous relationship with your future roomie can eliminate the possibility of receiving a random roommate who has a completely different lifestyle than you. Because you will be living in such close quarters, making sure you and your roomie have similar sleeping schedules and lifestyle choices can make all the difference in your comfortability and success in your new school.  

Cons of Rooming With Your Bestie: 

1. Turning Down a Friend: If a high school classmate asks to room with you in college, and you are unsure, then be honest. If you would prefer the random lottery and meet someone totally new in order to fully submerge yourself in the college experience, tell your friend! Don’t sacrifice your college years for someone else’s wishes. 

2. Harder to Make New Friends: If you choose to room with a high school friend, you could get too comfortable with each other and miss out on all the fun dorm and school activities that allow you to broaden your horizons and meet new people. Getting out of your comfort zone is an important part of college, and more importantly, life. Rooming with a stranger will also teach you flexibility, compromise, and working with strangers, which are vital aspects of thriving as an adult; learning these skills in college is what the college experience is all about. 

3. Too Much of a Good Thing: It is a common golden rule NOT to room with your bestie, and for good reason. Being best friends and being roommates are two totally different things. With constant, 24/7 contact with your bestie, you may quickly learn that you two are radically different as far as cleanliness, sleeping, studying, and many other things go. These things can get increasingly frustrating and quickly break up a close friendship. 

4. Hard to Confront: It can be difficult to confront your bestie roomie with a problem that you are having with their lifestyle in the dorm because of your close relationship. Because of this uncomfortablility, you two may continue living in the unhealthy conditions that are being festered by lack of communication and differing lifestyles. It is generally much easier to confront a new roommate with issues because of your lack of past obligation to each other, making working out problems potentially easier. 

Sources: Her Campus

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