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Scramble with Friends - The Best Games Out There!

Gaming with friends has become the new, fun, and popular trend! Get your phones out and play away! Whether you’re sitting in class or watching the minutes pass at work, these games are fun to play and make it easy to stay connected and play with your friends!

Check out this list of our favorites:

Words with Friends – This game revolutionized gaming on phones, and created the whole gaming with friends phenomenon. You can get a free or paid version.

Hanging with friends – A spin off the classic Hangman. Get the free version pr pay to avoid ads!

Chess with friends – Play up to 20 games at once! Get the free version or without ads for $2.99.

Tetris with Friends – Play versus a friend, or 6!  This classic never gets old!

Monopoly – Play with 2 and up to 3 players, this board game classic is now at your fingertips! Pay only  .99 cents!

Reiner Knizias Samurai – This turn based strategy board game promotes gaining influence of major castles. This game costs $4.99.

PirateFleet for Friends – Battleship style, this game is a spin off the old board game. Challenge up to 10 ship captains! This game is free.

Four in a row – This free game is much like the classic, Checkers.

The Game of Life – This Classic Edition can now be played on your phone! Pass and play for up to 4 friends.  Costs only .99 cents.

Checkers – Classic . Simple. Free.

Depict – Most comparable to Pictionary , Depict is an online drawing game for all ages. Taking turns, the artist draws one of 6 options while everyone else guesses. The game costs .99 cents.

Jenga – This very developed game with realistic physics is a favorite.  Battle your friends with multiplayer mode Costs .99 cents.

Carcassonne – With the ability to play with up to 5 players, this game is great!   Similar to dominos, you can play this for $9.99.

World Series of Poker Holdem Legend – Now you don’t have to get the buddies together for poker night, you can play all day everyday on your phone, and for free!

UNO – This classic card came is now on your phone!  And for only .99 cents!

Trivial Pursuit – Challenge up to three of your friends for a trivia showdown! Costs only .99 cents!

Family Feud – The popular game show is back and now your phone! Get the game for .99 cents.

Real Racing 2 – Meet up to eight of your friends on the track to see who really is the best driver! $4.99

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