Traveling With Friends

Traveling with friends can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of your life. These very trips will be the ones you remember all your years and tell your grandchildren about, so making these memories bountiful is an important aspect of simply enjoying life (which is something we often forget to do).

Going on camping trips, backpacking through Europe, road-tripping to amusement parks, or hitting Cabo for spring break, no matter where your vacations you take you, it is sure to be an adventure with your ride-or-die friends by your side. 

However, these dream vacations can quickly go down the drain if you and all of your friends are not on the same page about all of the travel arrangements, so communicating BEFORE the trip everyone’s expectations is extremely important in order to avoid confrontations during the trip.

The most important issues that need to be specifically addressed with every member of the group are:

-The trip itinerary: Make sure everyone agrees on the daily plans
-Trip costs: Make sure everyone is accountable for their own share of the costs
-Food/Lodge: Make sure everyone is aware of all sleeping and eating arrangements
-Group/Individual Time: Make sure everyone communicates their expectations as far which activities will be done as a group vs. individually.

Additionally, traveling with friends can sometimes be stressful and cause issues within friendships and allegiances to shift within a group dynamic. It is important to make sure you are comfortable with traveling with all of the group members and their various personalities.