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An App for Gathering Friends

​The new iSocialite app is designed as a personal social event calendar organizer that makes gathering your friends to any type of social event a lot easier and more organized.

A three-person startup tech company called DreamWare based in Los Angeles has introduced a new app which just debuted in the iOS App Store called iSocialite that may be able to help you gather your friends far more quickly and more effectively than the older methods of sending out invitations or making phone calls to bring friends together for any type of social event. Getting people to respond to an invitation whether by mail service or a phone call can be a hit or miss proposition. Most people today have busy lives and busy schedules and getting them to commit their time to any type of social happening can depend on a variety of factors including whether they got the invitation in time or whether they even remember to respond in a timely fashion, and the iSocialite app is designed to address those problems and make scheduling all social activities a lot easier

While the world has gotten along just fine without an app to gather people together, the iSocialite app acts like a combination of a calendar and a personal social affairs manager. The concept behind iSocialite is to provide a new way to help you gather your friends to any type of event you have scheduled without the time consuming and often disorganized methods of writing emails, making phone calls or sending out text messages. Acting as a high tech calendar organizer, you and your group of friends or business associates can upload the details of any event that involves social interaction onto the app. The app will display those people who have responded to your RSVPs on the apps event page and then it allows you to push those events out to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and it will synchronize the whole plan with your own personal calendar.

Those who are already familiar with the app agree that events in today’s modern world need to be mobile and as DreamWare’s site says “With two clicks, you’re in the social mix.” iSocialite organizes all the information you might need for any event including the date, time, location, organizer’s name, and even how far away the event might be from your present location. Each planned event will receive its own special icon that helps indicate the type of activity involved, providing a subtle reminder of all the details necessary to indicate the who, what, where, when and why behind any activity on your calendar. As modern life today seems to get more confusing and complicated with each passing year, apps like iSocialite that make it easier for busy people to get in touch with other busy people will probably become indispensable social tools in the future.

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