Draw Something with your Friends!

by Friends.com
?Draw Something is the latest and greatest app to go viral! Letting you draw with your friends, this game is incredibly fun, and addicting!  If you haven’t heard of the game already, after you read this article you’ll be dashing to your smart phone to check it out!!

Draw Something lets you automatically sign into your Facebook account to create games with any and all of your friends who are already hooked!  If you do not have a Facebook (aka live under a rock) or would prefer not to link the two, you can easily sign in with your regular email address as well.  The game is simple, but you won’t believe how addicting it is.

Playing the game is easy. Just pick from a list of provided pictures, and start drawing to the best of your ability. The person you are playing against guesses with in a time limit. If they guess correctly, it is their turn to draw. Simple enough right? This might seem boring on the surface, but give it a try and you’ll be cursing the day you downloaded because you really can’t get enough!

You get a designated amount of coins relative to how hard the picture is to draw.  The more coins you get the more color pallets can purchase as well as bombs to give your opponent less time on the clock and less tiles to choose from! Ad free versions are only $.99! You can get a free version if you don’t mind the ad or two. Check it out, we are sure you and your friends will be as addicted as we are!