Tripbirds: The New Site to Customize Travel with Friends

?Turn your friends social media posts into a perfected and personalized travel guide! is a great site that helps you “Discover the World with a Little Help from  your Friends.” We love the slogan, we love the concept, and we love the site! You can plan the perfect trip by getting recommendations from your friends, you can give recommendations as well as give postitive or negative feedback, and follow your friends trips to get inspired and plan your own!  Basing reviews, posts, and pictures from the top 3 social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare, Tripbirds does all the hard work for you!

Tripbirds is brand new,  and creating quite the buzz. Instead of relying on your friends to create content for a travel site, this site gathers everything they post already, and combines it into a perfect little travel guide for you!  All posts and pictures are automatically geotagged and organized chronologically.  You can even search for a particular place while planning your trip, for example, if you are traveling to Barcelona, by entering your destination into the site, you can generate a list of people from your social networking sites making it very easy to reach out to them directly to ask for tips and suggestions.

Though this one might be our favorite, there are a few other sites that do similar things. Wanderfly, Gtrot, Gogobot, and Trippy are all travel, user generated, relatively new start ups that all have the same goal in mind, consolidated easy travel guides for the social travelers around the world.