Gift Ideas for Best Friends

?You love your best friend, and what better way to show them with these amazing gift ideas! They are incredibly affordable, and the best part, you can make them all yourself!  Give them as individual gifts or combine them to make a giant, bestie basket!

Friendship bracelets are quick, easy, cheap, and an all time favorite! You can easily whip out dozens of these bracelets in no time at all, plus you and your friends can all wear matching ones! Choose your favorite colors or make them all different!

Picture frames are great gift ideas! Choose your favorite photo of you and your best friend to put in a store bought frame. But don’t stop there! Glam up the frame with letters to spell out your names, Best Friend, or just use rhinestones and glitter to make it special and original!

Make a cookbook! Choose you and your best friend’s favorite recipes and combine them to make a killer cookbook! Everybody needs a night in of cooking and gossip once in a while, and this gift provides for the best part, the food! Gather recipes online, or steal them from your mom, either way you’ll love making your favorite foods with your besties!

Personalized glasses make for a perfect present!  Choose wine glasses, beer mugs, or champagne flutes and decorate them with puff paint or paint markers.  You can use different themes for different gifts, like Christmas, Birthdays, or just Best Friend love!

Photo books make for amazing best friend presents! What is better than all your favorite photos in one place! They can be as simple as just pictures, or as detailed as a creative scrapbook! You have years of pictures of you and your bestie, so throw them all together to make the perfect gift!

Movie baskets are great for any best friend! Whether you love romantic comedies or scary movies, gather a few of you and your other halves favorite movies, throw in some candy and popcorn, and you have a perfect gift for you and your best friend to stay in and veg out!  

Flower pens are easy to make, and incredibly cute!  Pick out some cute fake flowers, and attach them to any pen using floral tape. Once you have made a couple pens, put them in a mason jar with glass beads at the bottom. Cute idea for any occasion!

Fleece Blankets are an easy and affordable present for all of your best friends!  Go to your local fabric store and pick out your favorite prints, cut them to your desired size, and tie the edges together to make a great blanket. Your bestie will think of you every time she uses it!

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