Grad Gifts

?Its that time! Graduation is right around the corner! And with friends and family members having graduation parties left and right, finding the right gifts at an affordable price can be difficult! But look no further… we have compiled the perfect list! These graduation gifts will be perfect for your friends, and don’t worry, they are great for any budget!

Want something cute you can pass out to ALL of your friends graduating? Congratulate them with customized M&Ms! They can have pictures, messages, or logos imprinted on them. This personalized gift is incredibly thoughtful, and every one of your friends will appreciate the gesture. This gift is especially perfect if you have a few friends graduating at once! They are cheap, easy, and are delivered fast for you last minute gifters out there!

Want to upgrade a bit from M&Ms? Maybe you are looking for a grad gift for your best friend or sister, and need to put in some time, effort, and a little bit of your savings account. Dogeared makes the most beautiful necklaces. They come in gold or silver, and have multiple themes, including graduation, best friends, congratulations, best wishes, etc.  Prices range from $50-$75.

Graduating and going off to college? How about a survival guide! They make Freshman survival guide books… which are helpful to anyone going off to college! But the book in a basket with some water, advil, a phone card, and some candy, and you’ve got the most perfect college kit!

Whether you use one of our great ideas, or create your own, remember that it’s the thought that counts! Every graduation is special, so even if your gift is a bouquet of flowers, they will be appreciated!

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