How to Make Friends

?Making friends can be a difficult time for some people. But rest assured, here at we have this process down!  

The first thing you have to remember when trying to make friends, is always put your best food forward! It is important to always give a great first impression.  By giving a big smile and a genuine introduction, people will automatically be drawn to you.  These first few moments a person meets you will always be in the fore front of their mind, so make sure you show them the person you are as a friend.

After giving a good first impression, the next important step in making friends is reaching out. Take those first steps towards creating a friendship by calling your new friends, making plans, and following through. This will be very important in the beginning stages of a friendship. By giving ideas and making plans, you and your new friend will begin to hang out… aka start the process of becoming genuine friends.  

After you and your new friend have hung out a couple times, and you still feel like you two make good friends, it is time to take your friendship a little bit further.  Divulge a secret. Not a big secret, but something small to show your new friend you trust them.  For example, maybe when you were little, you had a scary experience in the pool, and ever since you’ve never been very comfortable swimming. Even though your “secret” isn’t a big deal, the fact that you chose to tell this to your new friend will mean you like them, trust them, and want to continue a good friendship.