Learn How To Make Friends

by Friends.com
?Everyone needs friends! Maybe you just moved to a new town, or decided to take a new direction in life, and you need some friends! How do you make them? Certainly not by sitting at home by yourself! The key is putting yourself in social situations. Use these tips to get out there and make friends!

Join a sports team!  There is no need for extreme athleticism here, there are tons of low key, casual teams in every city!  Join a softball, soccer, tennis, football, or even chess team! Whatever you prefer, you will meet other individuals with similar interests as you… which is the first key to making friends!

Join a club! There are many different programs with a focus on a variety of different interests. Again, this is a great way to meet people who are into doing the same things as you are! Whether your potential organization is animal, social, religious, or business based, you will be surrounded with people who are just as interested in meeting you as you are them!

Volunteer! What better way to meet quality people than to give your time with other people who enjoy bettering the community as well!  You will meet people of all ages, and diversity in your friends is important. People who volunteer tend to be sweet and caring people, which are essential qualities in a friend.  

Once you have put yourself in these social situations, there are a few key things to remember.  Make eye contact and smile. No one wants to approach you, or for that matter, be approached by someone with an unfriendly look upon their face! When you introduce yourself, and someone does the same, remember their name! No one responds better to their own name being called, and you will be perceived as a thoughtful, intelligent person.   Make small talk! People will appreciate your willingness to interact.  Initiate getting together! That is when your true friendship will start to blossom!