The Rules of being a Good Friend

?Friendship isn’t easy! It’s especially difficult to maintain good, long lasting friendships. Use and this article to guide you through the trials and tribulations of friendship and how to best deal with any and every situation that may arise!

What do you do when you friend is clearly mad at you, but you don’t know why? You’ve asked a million times, “are you mad at me?” but the answers always a sly no.  This is a tricky situation, but its easily manageable.   The first good key to a successful friendship is been open and honest. By taking time aside, and not by prefacing it with, “Can we sit down and talk,” you can get your friend to sit down, laugh a little, and almost forget why they were mad at you in the first place. When you get them to a comfortable spot, you casually bring up the tiff. If you start out by saying, “I feel like you’ve been acting differently towards me, and if there Is anything I did to cause that, please let me know, I’d love to fix it.” By doing this, you are putting all blame onto yourself.  Your friend, whatever the issue may be, will be much more likely to want to resolve the issue with you.

Being a good friend also means having your friends back, no matter what the situation.  Whether your friend has been betrayed by a boyfriend, another girlfriend, or some random at a party, it’s your job as a great best friend to be ready for whatever comes your way!

Another important rule, don’t date, kiss, or even crush on your friend’s ex! Never a good idea, no matter how much he/she says their over it. It’s always a big deal later and will cause anger and resentment at one point in your friendship. It’s best to avoid the situation altogether.