Top Social Networking Sites

Well we all know Facebook is the king of all social networking sites! In fact they have over 800  active registered users from  numerous different countries. Over 70 languages are spoken, and 50% of their users sign into Facebook at least once a day.  Even though they reign supreme over all other social networking sites, there are a few others out there with a large user platform too!

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is considered the Facebook for business men and women.  It connects you with other people in different or similar careers while you can upload your resume, have people post recommendations about you, along with all of your work history.  With over a hundred million users and counting, this career resource won’t be going away any time soon!

MySpace – MySpace may have been the first of its kind, but it has fallen off our social networking radar for a couple years now.  This international site has very similar stylings to Facebook but with  more user flexibility when it comes to structure, layout, and colors.

Bebo – is a site that allows its users to share photos, music, blogs, as well as writing on a members “white board.” Sound familiar? Yes, it is another Facebook twin.  Bebo, which stands for Blog Early Blog Often. Once surpassing MySpace, the site has over ten million unique users.

Twitter – Twitter has invented a new type of social networking. Very short status updates that can be seen by all your followers created a world wide phenomenon. Tweeting is now a household word. Claiming they have 175 million users, Twitter is incredibly popular.

All of these social network sites are incredibly popular and incredibly helpful when trying to meet friends, make work connections, or share your personal thoughts or photos. If you haven’t check them out already, your way over due!