FRIENDS: Where are they now?

?Well it is no secret that Hollywood hottie Jennifer Aniston is all over the media. Whether it is her current boyfriend, or feuding with ex husband Bratt Pitt over new wife Angelina Jolie, our favorite Friends character Rachel is still doing very well for herself.  But what about our other Friends stars? Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Pheobe bring back some of the fondest television memories. Often said to be one of the greatest shows to ever be on television, Friends ended its ten year run in May of 2004.  So let’s take a look at where our favorite friends are now!

Courtney Cox, otherwise known as the uptight clean freak Monica, has kept her career blossoming in Hollywood. With a new show, Cougartown (Jenn Aniston has guess starred on the night time sitcom) that Courtney is acting in as well as producing, the sexy star balances her work with her family.  Prior to Cougartown, Cox produced and acted in the show Dirt, which lasted only two years.

Lisa Kudrow played the spazz we know and love, Pheobe. Kudrow has kept busy starring in multiple successful movies post Friends.  With an HBO Series The Comeback, and a Showtime series that was adopted from her own web series, Lisa is keeping busy!  She made a guest appearance on Cougartown as well!  

Matthew Perry, otherwise known as Chandler (or Chandaler Bong  to the Friends enthusiast) has made a few movies after Friends. He also starred in a new ABC sitcom, Mr. Sunshine.  Playing a man going through a mid life crisis, we get to see some of those nervous funny antics we know and love from the good old Friends days.

David Schwimmer has probably played it the most low key post Friends career.  He has spent most of his time since the hit sitcom behind the camera. Directing episodes for Matt LeBlancs, Joey, and well as numerous other television shows and movies. He has also done a few voice overs for popular movies like Madagascar.

Matt LeBlanc, otherwise known as fan favorite, Joey, has not had a hard time shedding his character, or finding work for that matter.  Immediately following Friends, LeBlanc starred in a spin off, Joey. Sadly, that failed and he began a new project for Showtime called Episodes. He has had great success so far.

Jennifer Aniston, our favorite waitress Rachel, has found the most success post Friends.  Starring in too many major motion pictures to count, Aniston has solidified her mark as an A list actress. She recently attended the unveiling of her star on Hollywood Blvd. Her net worth is over 100 million, so we’d say she’s doing pretty well!