How to Deal with Various Problems in a Friendship

Whether you are fighting, growing apart, have a problem, a friend is jealous, or someone may be moving away, often times in friendships, problems arise. Whatever the problem may be, here is some advice to deal with some of the most common issues within close friendships.

Trustworthy Friends: It is hard to find true friends. A true friend is honest, unique, attentive, supportive, trustworthy, shares common interests and hobbies, and is totally accepting if you. Don’t be mistaken by fake friends!

Jealous Friend: Even the closest of friends get jealous of each other from time to time. The best way to deal with this is to find out where the jealousy is coming from by listening to what your friend needs from you to have more confidence in herself.

Moving Away: Having a best friend move away and change schools can be rough on both friends. The most important thing you can do is stay in touch. Call, email, text, facebook, skype, and do whatever you have to do to maintain a relationship with that friend.

New Friends: Maybe you find yourself in the position of being the friend who had to move away. Making new friends can be scary; here’s some help on how to do this. Be confident because this attracts other people, smile and laugh and make eye contact because this gets people’s attention, invite others to do things (you will be surprised how often people are willing to meet a new friend or help a new kid out), join some clubs at school because that will force you to interact and make relationships, have an opinion because that shows you have a strong personality and are not a pushover, and finally, remember people’s names because it makes them feel special.

Friends with an Ex: This is the trickiest of all friendship problems generally. First and foremost, make sure you are totally over that person. Go into the friendship with honest intentions of friendship and make your ex feel positive about this decision. Give them platonic compliments and avoid sexual topics that could ignite negative flirting. Most importantly, don’t force the friendship on your ex, because that can potentially ruin any and all relationships between you two.

Friends with an Issue: Often times our friends will encounter a road block in their lives such as drug problems, depression eating disorders, etc. and approaching them can be an extremely touchy subject. First, make sure you have evidence of their problem before you make assumptions. Be prepared for a negative or defensive reaction from your friend because they might still be in denial or truly unaware that their behavior is problematic. It might take your friend a couple days to mull over your proposition before they will be ready to talk to you about it again. If they don’t, think about approaching them again as a reminder that you are still seeing this issue in their life and you simply want to help them in any way because you deeply care about them. If that doesn’t work, suggest a counselor or doctor, and if that fails, and the problem is serious enough, you may have to get a parent or teacher involved for your friend’s health or safety.

Sources: Teen Advice